MY EXPERIENCE WITH TIBETAN SINGING BOWLS I suppose most readers of this blog will be familiar with Tibetan Bowls, yet it was not my case ten years ago. The first I heard of them was when my teenage son suffered from a super-long-episode of acute stress, those symptoms were the cause of physical and emotional blockages which resulted in mild depression and free-floating anxiety. We all had a rough time visiting an incredible number of specialists and including of course psychological therapy. Luckily, someone advised me to take Tibetan Bowls into account. At first, I…I found it so weird that I was reluctant to do it. Nevertheless, I was so desperate that I gave it a try and I must admit that THEY WORKED LIKE A CHARM. I actually found that absolutely impressive, how those simple metal bowls could emit curative vibrations. That fact aroused my curiosity and I read something about them that I would like to share with you all.